Celebrating Mom

This weekend I was taking flowers to one of our precious residents for her birthday.  When I walked into the assisted living community right away I noticed how beautifully the dining area had been transformed into the perfect setting for a birthday celebration.  There were balloons, flowers, Happy Birthday signs, two kinds of cakes and more.  (I also later found out that her son made homemade Butterfinger ice cream at his Mom’s request. YUM!) The resident’s family had done a lovely job celebrating their Mom and making her party special.  I immediately was greeted by one of the daughters and we shared some friendly conversation and I told her how lovely everything looked for the party. It was during this conversation that it hit me…these adult children were in the phase of life where they still planned celebrations for their own children that were becoming young adults and making sure that their parent was celebrated as well.  That is a TOUGH balancing act.  Being so many things to so many people can be tough!  So, I thought, what would be the best advice for new people coming into this role?  The role of having a loved one in assisted living can be a challenge.  What would be a good idea for their Mom on Mother’s Day? This family had it all figured out.  Now for Mother’s Day of course balloons and birthday décor are not fitting.  But taking time to spend time is the best gift of all.

Summertime Is Ice Cream Time

Nothing says summer like a big bowl of homemade ice cream.  In the days before electric ice cream freezers, how many  of us remember sitting under a shade tree on a hot summer day and taking out turn cranking the handle on a freezer of homemade ice cream? It always seemed to take forever for the ice cream to be ready to eat.

What was your favorite homemade ice cream as a child?  Good old vanilla, fresh peach ice cream, sweet strawberry, or rich chocolate?  Did you enjoy your ice cream in a big bowl or in a crisp cone?

Get out those cookbooks and recipes for some homemade ice cream.  Remember to pick up the chocolate or caramel sauce.  Don’t forget the sprinkles and toppings.  Spend some time this July cooling off with some refreshing ice cream.