Father Knows Best

This year makes 16 years that my Daddy passed away.  I can still see his smile and remember the many days spent singing along while he strummed his guitar.  Now that I’m older and have a daughter of my own, on Father’s Day I treasure the memories of my Dad and I also enjoy celebrating my husband and the Daddy that he is to her.  I’m also blessed with a wonderful father-in-law and a stepson who is a new Daddy as well.  Father’s Day means so much to so many.

Here are some thoughts from some of our Great Oaks Management residents on what Father’s Day means to them. 

father son baseball

Great Oaks Management resident Mr. Garnett shared that his favorite part of being a Father is watching them grow up.  He shared that his children bring him lots of joy.

Resident Mr. Doyle said that he enjoys seeing all his children together.  He is so happy and blessed to be a Daddy and he loves being a grandad and being involved in their lives.

Mr. Carter said that he has enjoyed being a father.  He said that he taught his children many things and among them he raised his children to:

  • Do what you say you are going to do
  • Tell the truth
  • And don’t speak ill of others

Mr. Carter shared that this is the way his father raised him and he did his best to teach that to his family.  He also said he is very proud of all the members of his family and the people they have become.

Resident Mr. Lewis said that at his age it’s all about his children.  He’s very blessed to have his children and good health.

Mr. Jones that having his children and grandchildren in his life is the greatest blessing.  He loves them and is proud of them all.

Resident Mr. Moody says that when it comes to his favorite part about being a father…just being a Dad is his favorite part about it.  He said, “I’m so blessed that my entire family is so loving.  It’s hard to describe-just having the opportunity to have a family at all is the best thing in the world.”

Great Oaks Managment would like to wish all of the fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers Day Poem

Author Unknown Credit:  http://www.fathersday2015.com



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