Get Some Spring in Your Step

As the season of Spring begins to unfold with all of its grandeur and beauty perhaps it is a time for an awakening for you?  Here are some suggestions to get a jump start on the season of re-birth!

pexels-photo-169727See the Sunshine-Get out and enjoy the blooming flowers and all the beauty that the outdoor holds. Enjoy filling the bird feeders within your community.  There are quite a few science-backed health benefits to getting a daily dose of nature. Research has shown that getting outside can lift our spirits and brighten our mood so much that it can actually be a form of therapy.


 9680e44e-81fe-11e3-_508751cReach Out to Friends-Take the time to call an old friend or share a cup of coffee with a new one. The most important thing in any community is having people around to support and engage with.  Having interaction and forming friendships with each other keeps you vibrant and healthy.


connecting-imageBe Active and Engaged
– You have plenty of living left to do! Perhaps it’s time to lead or join an activity in your community.  We have people that volunteer at hospitals, read to children at local schools or do service work for non-profits.  Staying engaged with your community and continuing to make positive contributions, is invaluable.  The health benefits of volunteerism are well documented, including its impact on increasing longevity.


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