Keeping the Family Tradition

Mrs. Mildred RabyEditedIf you have been following these blogs then you have already read about three centenarians, people the age of 100 or more, that currently live in one of the Great Oaks Management assisted living communities.  Our fourth centenarian is Mrs. Mildred Raby, who at age 104, has lived through the history most of us only learned about in school. Mrs. Raby, a resident of Limestone Manor since 2011, is perhaps one of the most humble ladies I’ve ever met. She did not consider living to be 100+ as any kind of achievement or accomplishment. Then I learned that her older sister lived to be 108 years old. Obviously, longevity is a “family tradition!”

Mrs. Raby was born December 17, 1912, when many modern conveniences that we take for granted, like electricity and indoor plumbing were not available in most homes. Like other centenarians, Mrs. Raby has witnessed some remarkable changes in the world firsthand. The mother of five raised a family when housework was hard labor, before the inventions of washing machines, microwaves, disposable diapers, and Dirt Devils.


Those in her caring support-system admit that Mrs. Raby is not as active as she once was, but looking around her apartment at Limestone Manor I saw family photos and mementos from her past. After observing a wooden plaque on the wall with the Madison County Seal of Friendship, I learned that Mrs. Raby retired from a career with the Madison County License Department in addition to raising a family.  Trophies from the 1979 PTA Rook Championship were proudly displayed along with a Certificate of Recognition and birthday wishes from the Mayor of Athens.


IMG_0707There is no denying that being the “Rook Champ” and maintaining a happy social life has positively contributed to her good health. Experts say that most centenarians have a “roll with the punches” attitude toward life and Mrs. Raby is no exception. Her advice to others on the secret of longevity was simple – “You just have to keep on going.” Seven words which convey determination, perseverance, patience and a positive outlook.


All of the centenarians seem to have a remarkable ability to “shake off” what life has thrown at them and to move on! They have great stories to tell. You should take the time to listen to a centenarian and take a look at their amazing life!


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