Celebrate Fathers

In the United States we celebrate Fathers each year on the third Sunday in June.  While the nationwide celebration of Mother’s day began in 1914, it took a while for a nationwide celebration of Fathers to take hold.  President Calvin Coolidge asked Congress to declare a national holiday for Father’s Day in 1924.  At that time, Congress did not approve the holiday.  In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson declared the third Sunday in June as a national recognition of Fathers in the USA and it was approved by Congress.

Fathers are often our first authority figure as children.  How many times did you hear as a child “just wait till your Father gets home”?  This year, skip the tie and card on Father’s Day.  Here are some ideas to make this year’s celebration special:

  • Take a walk down memory lane: ask your Father to tell you about what life was like when you were born, what were his feelings, what were his challenges? Ask your Father to tell you about some special event during your school days that he remembers.
  • Work on your family tree: being with our Fathers is a great time to learn a little more about our own family history. Ask your Father about his dad and granddad.
  • Let Dad choose the menu for the day. Is he a big meat and veggies guy, hamburgers, pizza or a barbecue in the back yard fan?  Either way, let Dad have his favorite food on his day.

However you celebrate, take time this year to do something different.  Tell your Father thanks for the special influence he has had on your life and the person you are today.


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