Why Is Being Able To Identify Your Medications Important?

It is important that you be able to identify each medication that you take and understand what the medication is for.  This can be difficult when our pharmacy may substitute different manufacturers with our refills in an effort to get the best price possible with generic versions of medications.  Another challenge is if the same medication is taken at different times each day.  Here are some simple tips to help identify your medications:

  • Let your physician know if you are having trouble identifying your medications. It is important to discuss this with your physician and see if he can identify ways to help you.
  • When getting prescriptions filled at the pharmacy, take advantage of the counseling service offered by the pharmacist so you can identify the medication and get information about how to take it and any side effects to watch for.
  • Tell you pharmacist you are having trouble identifying your medications and ask if they can add color codes to the labels to help identify your medications.
  • Consider using a list of medications by time of dose. This helps us remember especially if we are taking the same medication more than one time of day.
  • Ask your physician for a complete list of all your medications and detailed directions about how you are to take them.
  • Consider using a pill organizer which is refilled weekly to help with identifying medications. Use the list of all medications and detailed directions to refill the pill organizer each week.

Our healthcare providers prescribe medications to help manage our health.  It is important that we take the medication as prescribed in order for the medication to be most effective and to minimize side effects.

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