Caregiver SOS: Do you need a break?

If you are the loved one of a senior adult, you probably check on your loved one to make sure things are going well.  Many of us have loved ones who live alone or that we help with transportation to physician appointments or other travel.  But if you are the primary caregiver for a senior adult, it’s a 24/7 responsibility.  Often the responsibility becomes too much or we just need a break or we may be facing our own health issue.  If this describes you, it’s time to learn about Respite Care services which some Assisted Living Communities provide.

Respite Care is a temporary move into an assisted living community when a caregiver needs a break, a vacation, or is facing a healthcare issue that makes caregiving impossible for a period of time.  Respite Care provides the peace of mind for caregivers to attend to their own needs while still assuring that their loved one is happy, healthy and provided for.

Respite Care accommodations can be for a week or a month and may vary from one assisted living community to another.  In most instances, pricing is set per day or per week based on a senior adult’s needs.  Many Respite Care services offer fully furnished accommodations and allow a senior to move in with just their personal belongings, medications, and hygiene items.  A Respite Care stay includes all the basic assisted living community services including assistance with medications, three meals per day with snacks, help with activities of daily living, social events and activities. Seniors moving into a Respite Care setting often enjoy the break from home and the socialization that an assisted living community provides. Respite Care is also a way to “try out” an assisted living community to see if it’s a good fit.

If the 24/7 caregiver role is becoming too much or if you need a short term break for travel or health reasons, check Respite Care services at an assisted living community as a practical solution with will offer a break and peace of mind for your loved one.

To learn more about Respite Care and Great Oaks Management, visit us today!


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