Nurturing the Mind


How do we keep our minds sharp as we age?  This question is one of importance to senior adults and the loss of memory or ability to function is often one of the greatest fears of adults as they get older.

Research has long shown that there are things we can do to help keep our memory sharp.  Games, Sudoku, and puzzles are great ways to help nurture our minds. A good game of Bridge or Rook is a challenge at any age and if you drop in any assisted living community, you will likely find a good card game in progress.  Trivia games, especially those about both recent events and events from our early adulthood help us keep our brains active. Good old fashioned competition is a routine event in our communities.  Think we’re kidding?  Just try to interrupt one of our regular Bingo or Scrabble games.  You will quickly see what we mean.

As important as games and cards, social interaction is another important way to nurture the mind. Engaging with friends and neighbors keeps us on our toes and helps keep our memory sharp.  Assisted Living communities promote these activities and many more.  Drop into one of our communities this week, you may just be invited to pull up a chair and play a hand.


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