Nurturing the Body

As we get older it is even more important to nurture our bodies.  How do we do that when we have aches and pains?  We can’t run a marathon, but how to we preserve our level of functioning and even improve how we feel as we age?  Assisted Living communities offer lots of activities to help residents nurture their bodies.  Daily exercise classes, Yoga, Walking groups, are just some of the fun activities that get folks up and moving.  It’s always easier to exercise with a friend or neighbor.  Assisted Living communities offer activities for groups on a daily basis and can tailor activities to an individual resident’s preference.

Love dancing?  We all remember our first dance, the excitement, getting dressed up, burning up the dance floor.  In celebration of National Assisted Living week, Great Oaks Management will be inviting our residents to take a walk down memory lane to the soda shop for a milkshake and some fun music from a time gone by.  Drop by one of our communities this week, you just might find yourself ‘cutting a rug!


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