Nourishing the Spirit

Nothing beats becoming a Grandparent.  Talk to any Grandparent and they will tell you that the day they became a grandparent was incredibly special.  While we all see the love and affection that Grandparents have for their grandchildren and the special bond they share, few of us understand how that bond can nourish the Spirit of grandchildren and other family members.

Grandparents are a reminder of where we came from.  In the South, it is very common on meeting a new person to have them ask “who are your people”?  Grandparents are that link to our heritage and the past of our family.  They are a rich source of not only family history, but can help us understand where we came from, not only as a family, but as a culture.  Sitting with a Senior Adult and asking them about historic events can be a real eye opener.  They have often had a ring side seat at some of the most historic moments and listening can give us a new perspective on the past. Grandparents also shape our future.  That unconditional love and support nurtures our belief in ourselves and strengthens our Spirit.

Spirit is the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy and power.  While Grandparents nurture the spirit of a family, Assisted Living Communities nurture the spirit of the senor adults who call them home.  Our communities give support and encouragement to our members, we help them believe in themselves and their future.  We provide a sense of family and connection which helps our members live active, happy lives.


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