Top Superfoods for People Over 50 (it also never hurts to start eating them now!)

Eating healthy has many benefits, regardless of age. Food provides nourishment and essentials that our bodies need in order to function and maintain stability.  Some foods go the extra mile. They are rich with vitamins, minerals, and other necessities that, while being healthy in general, also boost other areas of our body.  These particular foods are called Superfoods!


Apples – They contain soluble fiber.  Apples can help lower cholesterol and slow glucose intake.  This can aid in keeping your blood sugar at a healthy level.

Asparagus – Lycopene is found in high volume within asparagus.  Lycopene aids in prostate protection and can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.  Asparagus also contains Vitamin A which is important for the eyes and immune system.  In addition, asparagus also contains iron and protein.

 Blueberries – Blueberries, like apples, have high levels of soluble fiber within their tiny blue spheres, but more importantly they contain Vitamins C, Vitamin K, antioxidants, and the mineral manganese which aids metabolism.

  Broccoli – Broccoli is high in fiber, vitamins A, C, B9, and K as well as antioxidants.  These aid your eyes, immune system, red blood cells, bones, and tissue.

Butternut Squash – Butternut squash is practically overflowing with betacarotene, which is essential in maintaining healthy eyes.  The squash also contains Vitamin C and high fiber content.

Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate contains antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols, which can help prevent heart attacks by lowering the chance for clogged arteries.

Coffee – The National Institutes of Health-AARP Diet and Health Study found that people that drink regular or decaf cofee were less likely to die from heart and respiratory diseases, stroke, injuries and accidents, diebaetes, and infections.

There are plenty of other superfoods available. To learn more about them and other helpful topics regarding Senior Care, visit us at

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